Food for Others' mission is to obtain and distribute free food to the hungry of Northern Virginia and support food programs of other community-based organizations. We provide a channel for people to volunteer their services to help their neighbors in need.

Harvest for the Hungry and to Prevent Homelessness  


Important Note regarding 2013 Harvesting

Due to budget contraints of the USDA, this program has been canceled for the summer of 2013. We hope it will be reinstated in 2014 and that we will be fortunate enought to participate again.



General information:

The harvesting program runs from July to the second week of October. You must register to participate; space is limited.

Harvesting takes place at the USDA Beltsville Agricultural Research Farm, a 3,000-acre facility in Beltsville, MD. Most of the produce is not sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, making it nearly organic. We never pick experimental or genetically engineered produce. Detailed directions are given when you register.

Once picked, the produce is transported by Food for Others to the warehouse in Fairfax, Virginia where it goes to feed thousands of hungry people in our area.

There is no age limit for participants, but young children must be supervised by responsible adults. All volunteers can take some produce home to their own families. Community Service forms can be signed by FFO staff. Bring them to the harvest! 

If you are unsure if a harvest will be conducted due to bad weather or other reasons, please call the Food for Others main number at 703-207-9173, and listen to the recorded message AFTER 7:00 a.m. on the day of the harvest.  USDA staff decides whether it is still possible to go into the fields on the morning of the harvest. More details are given when you register.   

The harvesting activity provides community groups, churches, schools, and individuals an opportunity to help our neighbors in need.  This project is truly a fun, educational experience and worthwhile community service project, and it's good exercise too!