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2201, 2020

Hunters for the Hungry

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Through the nonprofit organization, Hunters for the Hungry, Virginia hunters help hungry families get quality meat by donating their surplus game. Hunters throughout the state of Virginia can participate in their sport and ensure that the meat does not go to waste by donating it to Hunters for the Hungry which then distributes venison to people in need

1601, 2020

5 unexpected items in each box of emergency groceries from Food for Others

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When someone in our community finds themselves in a crisis, they can come to Food for Others so that they do not have to sacrifice feeding their families full, healthy meals during their time of need. Those who visit the Food for Others warehouse take home “emergency groceries,” which are boxes of food that last the family up

701, 2020

Books are Food for Your Brain

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Foods for Others’ partner organization, Books are Food for Your Brain, works to improve literacy for low-income children in Northern Virginia by making sure that children who visit Food for Others have plenty of books to read in their homes. What is Books are Food For Your Brain? Books are Food for Your Brain provides every child who

2712, 2019

Community gardens provide space for families to grow their own produce

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“Give someone a fish, and you’ll feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, and you’ve fed them for a lifetime.” The origin of this quote is hotly contested, but its validity is most certainly not. Self-sufficiency is a sure way to promote better health outcomes within a community. But what happens when the person knows how

2312, 2019

My eye-opening summer at Food for Others

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My journey with Food for Others began in 2009, when I was going through a really tough time in my life. I had been in a traumatic event which put me into a depression and someone suggested that trying to give back to my community might help distract me from everything I had going on at the time.

1612, 2019

Rx for Food

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As the Executive Director of a food bank/pantry, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to reach hungry people in our community. Even though we serve over 30,000 individuals each year, we know that 75,000 people live in poverty in Northern Virginia. That gap keeps me up at night. How do we reach people who don’t