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Food is our #1 need! Please help by collecting our most needed items.


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Power Pack Program (P3) Packing Event

Provide elementary-school students with a supplemental pack of food for the weekend. Each person in the group can bring an item that needs to go into the packs, put the packs together around a table and deliver them to us. We’ll then deliver them to one of the 26 schools we serve.

Helpful documents to achieve your goal:

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  • FFO warehouse is open for volunteering from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday
  • Groups are between 5 and 20 people (fewer than 5, please see Individual Opportunities)
  • All participants must be 12 years of age


  • Pack boxes, USDA bags, P3 packs
  • Unload trucks
  • Sort food, bag produce or frozen foods
  • General cleaning

Warehouse Volunteer Informational Flyer