P3 LogoWeekend food for elementary school-aged children

Through the help of volunteers, donors, and corporate sponsors, Food for Others provides food to a large number of students in public schools. The young students tend to be on the free and reduced meals program during the school week. Their access to food over the weekend can be limited and they may be at risk of hunger between school meals.

Preventing hunger

Children are particularly vulnerable to the terrible effects of poverty. Food for Other’ P3 helps guarantee that students at high risk of food insecurity on the weekends, will have more nutrition and less worry about where their next meal will come from.

Too many kids were coming to school on Monday mornings with empty stomachs and were having difficulty concentrating because they were hungry. Thanks to Food for Others providing weekend packs, these at-risk children come to school more ready to learn and more self-confident.

Jane Thatcher, FCPS Social Worker

 Through a grant from Fairfax County, Food for Others is also working in partnership with Britepaths, which partners with the Parent Teacher Associations, social workers, and staff at participating FCPS schools to help them create packages of non-perishable foods and drinks to send home each weekend with children in their school who have been identified as having need for food assistance.  

This self sufficient model run by Britepaths, entitled Food4Thought, was created to serve elementary schools with a smaller (and more easily attainable) number of students in need of weekend food assistance.  Britepaths and Food for Others are working together to make their different service models available to schools in the hope of giving as many children in need as possible in the Fairfax County area access to healthy food over the weekend.

Growth of P3 Program
FY2013 to FY2019

 How you can help

Individuals and groups can donate food or funds or volunteer to assemble or deliver weekend food packs for children.

From our youngest clients:

The Power Pack Program is funded in part by the generous support of the following sponsors: